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Paint The Stars Photography || Valentines Day Shoot

We all have that friend that when you get together, a “quick” visit does not exist. When you add hot coffee, french toast sticks and lots of raw real life talk filled with struggles and accomplishments, a simple play date turns into half your day- literally. That is the case with my sweet friend Amanda who is the talented woman behind Paint The Stars Photography. She has the vision and skill of a true artist with her dreamy, vibrant and whimsical fine art portraits. Every time is say “oooh this photo is my favorite, you’ve out done yourself”, she turns around and blows me away with her next shoot!

How to sew a skirt in 20 minutes!!!

I am very excited to share with you one of my favorite nap time creations!!! Having two little girls who are very girly, skirts that are twirl worthy are important in our house. This was one of my first clothing projects and from here I’ve been able to create more detailed outfits. I am obsessed with matching skirts and dresses for my girls! If your ready to get crafty, grab some coffee or wine, beautiful fabric and lets get sewing!!!


Our journey through infertility

This is one of those post that has taken me a while to finally hit “publish”. I would type some, leave it and come back weeks or now in this case months later. I woke up with a conviction to share my story. Each persons story and struggles with infertility are different, yet the same and relatable heartache.

Nursery Tour

My youngest daughter’s nursery was so much fun to put together. While this was done just about 3 years ago, this room is fit for a princess! When I had my first daughter almost 6 years ago, that popular site called Pinterest, was just making it’s popular entrance. Now, it’s my go to “search engine” for ideas, projects, and to get my creative juices flowing! Now that I’ve finally established a blog, seems only right to post it!

For this nursery, I knew that I wanted a simple, yet glamorous feel that could grow into a toddler room. My vision were pearls, crystals, gray and satin baby pink.

What is “Raising Little Lub’s”?

What is “Raising Little Lubs”?

Every time I come across a blog, and I (obviously) see their blog name, I think to myself what does it mean. It’s got to have a personal meaning, enough to give it a name. You name your children, dog, blog… yea you get it, it’s pretty important and needs careful consideration.

It’s Official!

This has been years in the making, literally. I’ve always wanted a place that I could document all my interest: DIY, mom life, fitness, heathly living, photography, and driving my amazing husband nuts! Here’s to my new adventure of this “blog thing”, I officially have my small slice of the internet!