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My youngest daughter’s nursery was so much fun to put together. While this was done just about 3 years ago, this room is fit for a princess! When I had my first daughter almost 6 years ago, that popular site called Pinterest, was just making it’s popular entrance. Now, it’s my go to “search engine” for ideas, projects, and to get my creative juices flowing! Now that I’ve finally established a blog, seems only right to post it!

For this nursery, I knew that I wanted a simple, yet glamorous feel that could grow into a toddler room. My vision were pearls, crystals, gray and satin baby pink.


The curtains and bedding was hand made with material from Hobby Lobby that I made while 7 months pregnant, there was a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into this, literally. The crib bumpers were old ones from my older daughters nursery that I recovered with new material. [ Yes, I am fully aware of the safety concerns for using crib bumpers.] Having the dresser near the glider so I had somewhere to place items within reach, total life saver for me!


The mobil was made from a wire wreath that was covered in satin ruffled ribbon and strands of different size crystals and pearls hung from them. This was hung over the rocking chair and my little enjoyed glazing at it! The chandelier was from Home depot and is currently still available HERE. I did replace the bulbs with globe lights instead of the ones that came with it. All that bling… so dreamy feeling!!


Our Ikea Malm dresser functioned as a changing area as well as a dresser with crystal knobs purchased from amazon HERE. This was one of my favorite little touches that really blinged up the dresser, which was also a hand-me-down from big sister (poor girl)! The basket is from Home Goods, perfect for diapers, wipes, medicine for late night teething, diaper rash cream, thermometer, and good ol’ lanolin cream! Everything I needed, and no middle of the night Mombie fumbling!


These were some random frames and printables I found online. The lamp was another favorite piece that tied in with the crystal and glam feel! The letter A is a wooden letter, painted with buttons on it. Oh, and that baby powder candle was great for blow outs- covered the stank perfectly!



That once teeny tiny 6lb baby and I spent so many nights curled up in this room. I wanted to make it as comfortable for both of us as possible, and here we are almost 3 years later [insert momma tears here] this is still my favorite room in the house. I catch myself time to time just sitting in there. This room at one point in time was empty and my heart ached for it to be another baby’s room. Our struggle with infertility makes this even more special for me. Knowing this will probably be our last baby, the last nursery I’ll decorate, I’ll soak up every moment of it I can!

Hope you enjoyed my space fit for little miss princess!

  • Amanda

    Eeeek!!!! Love you blog so much! This was a fun read. I always need decorating pointers. I just keep hanging more family photos!!! lol I love the framed printables, those were really cute. Love youuuuuuuu 😘

    • RaisinglittleLubs

      Thank you! Love you, you're too sweet! :)

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