Paint The Stars Photography || Valentines Day Shoot

We all have that friend that when you get together, a “quick” visit does not exist. When you add hot coffee, french toast sticks and lots of raw real life talk filled with struggles and accomplishments, a simple play date turns into half your day- literally. That is the case with my sweet friend Amanda who is the talented woman behind Paint The Stars Photography. She has the vision and skill of a true artist with her dreamy, vibrant and whimsical fine art portraits. Every time is say “oooh this photo is my favorite, you’ve out done yourself”, she turns around and blows me away with her next shoot!

When she ask to collaborate on a project, the topic was pretty easy. She takes gorgeous photos, and I am a DIY fanatic! I just happened to be in the middle of sewing Allie a dress and Ari a matching skirt for Valentines Day. The material is this soft pastel pink satin. In fact, it is the same material I used in Arianna’s nursery (you can find that post here). Amanda wanted to do a sister Valentines Day shoot for her girls, since Allie & Sofia are the same age, we just needed something for Valentina, so I whipped her a matching skirt.

I have no sewing training, except for home economics in middle school a decade and a half ago, if you even consider that training! I have self taught myself and learning by trial and error. If you are learning to sew or just started, do yourself a favor and purchase a seam ripper. You’ll thank me later. I’m still learning the different cuts of fabric and how they lay to create the shape you want. I am currently obsessed with long dresses and anything with a train. I mean, seriously, what is cuter than a tiny bubbly girl running through the house looking like a real like version of a fairy tale princess!?! Speaking of princesses look at these photos of Sofia & Vali. You can see the love and bond between these sisters. I loved seeing Amanda jump in the photoshoot with her girls, she’s always encouraging moms to get in the photos, and she practiced what she preaches. She wrote a blog post about it and it really hits home.


If you can thread a sewing machine, you can make a skirt. And if you can’t youtube it!! It has to be one of the easiest (in my opinion) pieces of clothing to make. Starting with just a simple straight lined skirt has opened my eyes to more elaborate designs. I’ve made a simple and easy to follow along tutorial. Grab some supplies, coffee or wine 😉 and let’s get sewing! You can find the tutorial here. The skirt Vali is wearing is made using that tutorial, and her old sister Sofia, the bottom of this dress is made the same way with some modifications to give it a train.

Go check out more of Amanda’s work and follow her on Facebook and Instagram, better yet email her for a session! You WON’T be disappointed!


  • Amanda

    OOOOOOO MMMMM GGGGGG You are too too sweet! Thank you so much for all your kind words, Krystal :) :) This post is awesome. It almost (almost) makes me want to buy a sewing machine. But then I realized...Hmm.. If I need something I can just ask my trusty old DIY obsessed friend to do it for me hehe Love you girl! Keep doing the dang thing, you're amazing!!!

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