What is “Raising Little Lub’s”?

What is “Raising Little Lubs”?

Every time I come across a blog, and I (obviously) see their blog name, I think to myself what does it mean. It’s got to have a personal meaning, enough to give it a name. You name your children, dog, blog… yea you get it, it’s pretty important and needs careful consideration.

So you’re question probably is… “what’s a Lub”!?! It all started long ago, once upon a time back when there were two young lovers who were new in a relationship traveling and frolicking about where ever they wanted to go. My husband inherited the tropical travel gene, where I was from a larger family and the only interesting traveling we did was a few hours’ drive to our local beach and across half the country for a family reunion (#largefamilyprobz). Within a few months of dating my now husband, we went on our first of many cruises to the Caribbean. My very first trip out of the country, to my first island- Haiti. We visited the port of Labadee where I got my first taste of the travel bug, I was hooked! Somewhere along the way we added my maiden name (Luber) with that port (Labadee), and somehow came up with Lubadee!

Lubadee became a pet name, it’s pretty much up there with hunny and babe. We used it so much we had it engraved in our wedding bands when we get married, it’s just a little name that meant something to us. Fast forward a few years and then we were blessed with our sweet girls. We started jokingly, calling them little Lub’s. So, here we are, in our new season of life- Raising Little Lubs! The best on-going adventure I’ve every been on (sorry Haiti)!



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